Google Adwords Features – What You Need to Know

In this article, we will cover some of the main features of Google Adwords. Read on to learn more about Broad match modifier, Phrase match, Custom display ads, and Custom intent audiences. We will also look at other options, such as remarketing and negative keywords. In addition, we will explain how to use smart bidding to make the most of your AdWords account. The first step in maximizing your campaign is understanding how smart bidding works.

Custom intent audiences

Custom intent audiences help you reach users who have specific interests in your product or service. For instance, a reptile store in London might want to target people who are looking for information on pet snakes. To do this, you can create a custom intent audience with keywords and the URL of a popular website. This will allow your display ads to be displayed to the audience who are searching for these keywords. You can use custom intent audiences to build retargeting lists, too, to reach those who have already visited your store.

Broad match modifier

A broad match modifier is a keyword matching technique that helps advertisers create ads that cater to many variations of keywords. It works by adding the term “+” to specific words. Because of this, your ads will appear for variations of essential keywords, regardless of their order in the query. Broad match modifier keywords are more flexible than exact match, which allows your ad to show for any search query. For more information, read on.

Phrase match

While broad and exact match keywords are effective for capturing a large amount of traffic, a phrase match allows advertisers to target the precise phrase that someone is searching for. Phrase match works a bit differently than the other two, as it allows some variation before and after the keywords. Here’s an overview of the benefits and limitations of phrase match. Read on to learn how to maximize your Google Adwords campaign.

Custom display ads

Using Google’s display ads is an effective way to introduce your brand to new consumers. The Google Display Network reaches more than 90% of the world’s Internet users, making them an excellent place to start promoting your business. The downside to using display ads is that they can be quite expensive. If you have limited budgets, however, it is a worthwhile investment. You can use these ads to introduce your brand to new consumers and drive traffic to your website. For more infomation visit

Negative keywords

If you’re trying to increase your return on marketing budget, you might want to learn how to set up Negative Google Adwords features. Negative keywords help you to target the right audience, which is the first step in seeing a conversion. Before you start using negative keywords, it’s important to read through this entire article. I’ll outline the best way to set them up. If you’re not familiar with them, don’t worry – I won’t spoil the surprise.